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Setting out a job at ProBuilder

Setting out a job~ At ProBuilder we go above and beyond when we set out our jobs. It is crucial to get everything in the right place particularly with bathrooms and kitchens. So many times we find clients supplied plans with no where near the detail required for us to use accurately. So the way […]

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Pool Revival

Today, we’ll share a project that transformed a poorly designed pool that was a challenge to use and maintain into a summer ready space for fun and entertaining.

Our clients home was the perfect tropical setting to spend time with family and friends by the pool on summer days or enjoy a few quiet moments in […]

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HomeBuilder Stimulus Package Explained

Details emerged last night of the governments Homebuilder stimulus package.

In a nut shell:

$25,000 grants for new homes or to renovate an existing property

2 income caps – Individual $125k, couples $200k

Enter into a building contract between June 4 to December 31

Work must commence within 3 months of the contract date

Renovations must be worth between $150k & […]

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Deck repair ProBuilder

The ProBuilder Repairs team are on our 7th deck repair this year thanks to poorly built decks. Most of the decks are less than 10 years old!

On all of these, the waterproofing membrane has failed, and all of these failures are because the builder has carried out his own waterproofing rather than having a […]

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