Jim McIntyre is the principal and founder of ProBuilder, and rarely quotes against other builders. This is because he wants to work with clients, who want to work with him. He is frequently chosen for his extensive reputation in building quality, project management, and client communication.

If a client is interested in working with ProBuilder, they will enter an extensive quote process, that forms part of the building contract. Jim will take the time to consult with his clients, and ensure they understand every aspect of the development. This initial commitment to the quoting process removes variables, and ensures that the end project meets the client’s expectations, and stays within the budget.

The building process is as follows:

  • Once you’ve decided to go ahead with us we enter into a preliminary agreement, then we bring on designers and engineers into the project.
  • We help you organise the necessary approvals through town planners and private certifiers.
  • Then we hold meetings with suppliers and sub-trades to make sure everyone can deliver what is needed in the timeframe and budget of your build.
  • ProBuilder will then create a detailed, fixed-price quotation which includes a breakdown of prime cost items, and any provisional sums covering areas that cannot be costed at the time of quotation.
  • The official contract is prepared and sent to you, along with a mind map and program of works with all the important building dates and events – so you’ll know when to expect each stage to be completed.
  • All suppliers and sub-contractors are booked in for their required timeframes to make sure the right people are available at the right time to avoid delays in the process.
  • A safety plan is written to ensure that all workers and visitors to the site are safe and secure at all times.
  • Finally it’s time to get started with site establishment and building commencement – and you can watch your dream project come to life.